XoLogistic is redefining how businesses store and connect with clients. XoLogistic is a full-service e-commerce and fulfilment centre with warehouse logistic services customized to the needs of our clients. We are a personable, excited and caring group that wants to ensure that our clients succeed and have their products ship out promptly, timely and with the greatest ease. We are a dry-storage public warehouse that provides On-Demand 3PL solutions and can handle small, medium, large or extra-large orders, from 100 pallets a week to 10,000 pallets in regular as well as oversize / and oversized plus sizes. We have 250,000 SF of space available for your fulfilment needs and we have the means to handle any mid to large size operations.

We are a fulfilment company that approaches things with passion. Simply put, our East Coast – Boston based business exists to be the successful extension of your business in this region. We are here when you need us.

XoLogistic can provide the labour pool you need to handle your deliveries at various times of the day, can stay top of your orders and your client needs and we can get them shipped out the same day your requests reach our system.

We are a product fulfilment company that operates fast, efficiently and with meticulous accuracy. We invite you to explore XoLogistic and experience what makes us the obvious choice to handle your shipping and fulfilment needs.

We have a warehouse and we want to fill that with pallets of things that people want to store. We are essentially a public storage company that stores things in pallets, provide services of unloading them from client’s trucks, inspecting them, moving them the loading area, storing them at a certain location – could be on the floor or on a rack (on either of the 3 floors of our building – basement, first floor or second floor). Thereafter, we can help them ship it out as pallets, as pieces of each, help them put together two or three or multiple items into one item (kitting), we can help them in finding the shipper, we will label their products to where they need to be shipped based on their requirements and help them coordinate with shippers, we can pack, we can wrap, we can identify what is broken, we can sort and we can set up accounts for their shipping as long as the accounts get paid within 14 days.

Our services are full services – implying that we provide labor, equipment to move pallets, deal with insurances, liabilities, workmans comp, work with their software platforms to understand when their shipments will come, who they need to go to and in what quantities. We will work with them to figure out what is extremely urgent, what is urgent and what is ordinary shipping. We will work with them to identify their inventory stock, how it is flowing out and how much more they need etc. Our customers can rely on us in a dependable way to determine the work force we need to handle their priorities and they don’t have to worry about any hiring or firing or disciplinary actions. Basically everything in regards to warehousing logistics will be done by XoLogistic and they will love it because we love it!
We have a professional and clean warehouse environment with uniformed employees that have passed full background checks. We will improve accuracy, lower costs and drive measurable improvements to your business.
We can handle most of your consumer and B2B business product lines including: Products in small/ large bottles, plastic cases, containers, furniture, mattresses, makeup, solar panels, clothing, accessories, shoes, soap, vitamins and supplements, office supplies, pet supplies, toys, baby goods, hair products, consumer goods, cutlery, phone cases, gift items, appliances, home goods, shaving kits, leather bags, electronic goods, computers and printers, light fixtures, electrical wires, and mostly everything else that you can think of.