Manage Your Inventory With Our Automated Pallet Storage Solutions:

Storing and managing large volumes of goods or products within the limited space can be a nightmare for any business. Thanks to the advanced technologies in warehouse management which paves a way to innovative storage and distribution solutions that eases inventory management. Now, storing the bulk amount of goods or products in the pallets (or skids/shelves) has become an aisle way in the warehouse and distribution industry.

Rental and reserve your space by the pallet with us. Let our professionals provide you the right pallet storage solution for your goods. We, Xologistic, a fast-growing 3PL company vouches for all-around pallet storage services at reasonable prices based on the number of pallets businesses used. We have provided many businesses across all the verticals customized pallet storage solutions. Whatever your choice of the storage method, our warehouse has an extensive range and types of pallet storage methods such as conventional pallet racking, drive-in racking, mobile racking, pallet live storage, and pallet shuttle, etc.

Our robust pallet racking systems that are unaffected to vulnerabilities such as collision is integrated with secured and sophisticated technology. And our warehouse experts are adept at providing customized racking solutions by zeroing error rates.

Reach us today to save your time and hefty sums in logistics management thus reap lucrative profits.


Long-term Warehousing: A Robust Storage For Your Finished Goods

Warehousing, being an indispensable part of logistic management allows a huge stack of inventory to be stored and managed for short-term and long-term. Get rid of mundane tasks such as sorting, order picking, packaging, shipping, distribution, kitting, postponement, etc. and utilize warehousing services for managing both your supply chain and inventory.

Does your raw material or finished goods need long-term storage requirements now?. If the answer is yes, we are your ultimate solution.

We, Xologistic, a pioneer 3PL company provide long-term warehouse and distribution services for all businesses and industries. Make our central storage location a crate for the long-term storage requirements of your inventory. Our immaculate warehouses can carry your goods and products safe and secure. Streamline your supply chain operations with us and let our warehouse staff take care of your transient goods for the long run from receiving goods to shipping them. They offer tailored and unique warehouse solutions for any business and you can have real-time tracking, monitoring, and 360-degree access on the availed services for assurance. Customer satisfaction is our core value, and accordingly, we provide a global transport facility for shipping your inventory across the world.

A warehouse is not a ROOM, it is your ROI!

So, partner with us to take advantage of our reliable, secure, and cost-effective warehouse solutions that yield abundant benefits for your business.


We Simplify Your Inventory Distribution Management:

The warehouse industry is a dynamic industry and distribution has the major share of the economy to it. There are myriad benefits for businesses if they avail of various cost-effective distribution services for their supply chain management.

We, Xologistic, a leading 3PL company, understand the urge of distribution services and accordingly, had a wide range of distribution centers across the northeast region as a part of the supply chain network to provide timely customer service across the world. Our talent pool redesigns unique capacity switching strategies for speedy material movement.

Moreover, we use 4R’s formula for smooth execution of customer orders is Right Cargo, Right place, Right customer, and Right time.

Whoever they end customer either consumer, wholesale retailers of your products, or shops, we use emerging technologies to speed up the distribution process. We hold adequate trucks, trailers, rail cars, other transport facilities that provide a good delivery experience. Furthermore, we provide EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration with the retailers that eases the process by eliminating the method of manual exchange of documents and speeds up the distribution.

Our efficient warehousing strategies reduces your inventory operating costs and yields higher inventory turnover to your business. Meet our inventory distribution manager for more details on picking and consolidation of orders.

A Seamless Distribution System Equals a Seamless Supply Chain

An excellent distribution system is critical to the success of your entire supply chain. Whether you are dealing with raw materials or finished goods, you need reliable and cost-effective distribution services so that you can relax, stop chasing inventory, and say goodbye to the dreaded supply chain delays.

When you want to delight your customers with goods delivered promptly and in the right condition, you need to work with an experienced and reputable third party distribution centre.

XoLogistic is such as a 3PL distribution center. We have invested in modern and well-equipped distribution centers with the latest technology to cater to your unique needs.

Whether your orders require bulk or break-bulk delivery, kitting, special handling, pick and pack, or shipment consolidation, we ensure that we make your products available as and when needed.

We handle all your distribution needs by offering:

When you need to store perishable goods and fulfil orders in time, we are here to help. We have invested in freezer storage systems and on-site refrigeration to ensure that goods get to your customers in time and good condition.

We help you store your goods near your customers and we prepare them for final delivery to your customer.

We have modern inventory management software to help manage your inventory and ensure timely order distribution every time. We also ensure that you get real-time, 24/7  information on your inventory levels, including orders and reorders.

When you want to avoid storage and ensure same-day delivery of goods, we have adequate docking equipment fleets, and upscale facilities to ensure that we get your goods to your intended customer in time.

Why You Should Hire a Distribution Center

Without the right skills, handling your distribution process can get very stressful. The benefits of using a 3PL distribution center include: