XOLogistic is a Foreign Trade Zone – only the second 3rd party logistics company offering such services in the Massachusetts area. 
In addition to this XoLogistic is a fully bonded facility, operating one of the largest lift system in the region to service our clients needs no matter how big or small.  
      Our Specialties include
·        ECommerce
·        On Demand 3PL Services
·        Cross-Dock Services
·        Foreign Trade Zone
·        Bonded Warehouse 
·        Food Grade Storage


Located in Boston, XoLogistic is your “One-Stop” third-party logistics (3PL) company. Put simply, that means you can hire us to handle your warehousing, your product distribution, and your order fulfillment. Once provided with the stock, we can act as a drop-shipping location for our region.

Basically, if you have a supply chain management need, we are happy to be of assistance. We pride ourselves on efficient, fast and flexible on-demand logistics services. 

Leveraging Foreign Trade Zones: The Powerhouse Duo of IndusPAD and XoLogistic in Methuen, MA

In an increasingly globalized economy, businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline operations, reduce costs and maintain a competitive edge. One such strategy that’s gaining traction among savvy entrepreneurs is utilizing foreign trade zones (FTZs). Nestled in Methuen, Massachusetts, XoLogistic, a dynamic third-party logistics company and IndusPAD a creative hub for innovation and production, provide compelling examples of this strategy in action.
An FTZ is a designated area within a country where goods can be imported, stored, and re-exported without the usual customs duties. This presents significant cost savings, increased flexibility, and enhanced operational efficiency for businesses. XoLogistic, located in the vibrant IndusPAD innovation zone, leverages the benefits of an FTZ enabling clients to defer, reduce, or even eliminate customs duties. This can potentially save businesses thousands of dollars, especially those dealing with high-value or high-volume goods.
CEO of XoLogistic, Jitender Makkar, comments on this unique advantage, “Our location in an FTZ is not just a geographical advantage, it’s a strategic business decision. By reducing or deferring customs duties, we empower our clients to manage their cash flow more effectively and stay competitive in their respective markets.”
Moreover, being part of IndusPAD offers XoLogistic a distinct edge. IndusPAD, a former mill building is now a bustling hub of innovation and production, home to an array of entrepreneurs, artisans, and creators. The synergy between XoLogistic and IndusPAD fuels a conducive business environment, further enhancing the benefits of being located in an FTZ. Whether a business is in manufacturing, e-commerce, or any sector that involves import-export activities, the advantage of operating in an FTZ like IndusPAD, coupled with the logistic expertise of XoLogistic, can provide a strategic boost.
In conclusion, operating within an FTZ offers a wealth of opportunities. If you’re a business looking to tap into these benefits, XoLogistic and IndusPAD offer an enticing proposition. With their unique blend of strategic location, innovative environment, and logistics expertise, they are poised to help businesses navigate the complexities of global trade while enjoying substantial cost benefits.

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