We meet Your Northeast U.S. Storage, Shipping and Logistics Needs with Flexible Plans at Affordable Prices

Then let us help you.
Located in Boston, XoLogistic is your “one-stop” third-party logistics (3PL) company. Put simply, that means you can hire us to handle your warehousing, your product distribution, and your order fulfillment. Once provided with the stock, we can act as a drop-shipping location for our region.

Basically, if you have a supply chain management need, we are happy to be of assistance.

We pride ourselves on our efficient, fast, and flexible on-demand logistics services. So, what can you expect if you partner with us?

Warehouse Rental by Pallet, or Shelf – Don’t pay for more space than you need! We may have 450,000 square feet of space at our disposal, but we’ll still cut you a great deal on a portion just large enough to fully meet your needs.

Quick and Convenient Access to Our Facility – What good is the space if you can’t easily access it? That’s why our warehouse has 16 docks to make high-volume loading and unloading a breeze, as well as overnight parking for trucks and trailers.

Same-Day Order Fulfillment – Our talented staff can make sure your orders are received, processed, packaged and shipped to wherever they need to go, and all on the same day they come in.

Scalable Pricing for Increased Profitability – When you let us handle your third-party logistics needs, we take care of you. As your business grows, we’ll help you get better prices on not only your warehousing and the other services we provide you directly, but we can also help you get discounted rates with shipping providers.

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You Can Also Request Information by Email at hello@XoLogistic.com

At XoLogistic, we handle the supply chain logistics so that you don’t have to. We can store your goods on the ground, on shelves, and/or on stacks of pallets up to five at a time safely and confidently, thanks to our facilities having 30-foot ceilings. We work hard to make sure you never have to worry about whether the product gets there on time, so that you can instead focus on the parts of your business that you do best.

In fact, our services are so customizable that if you can think of a way, we could help your business with our resources, we’re probably at your disposal. You can call it 3PL, fulfillment, drop-shipping, kitting or inter docking, but we’ll call it solving your problems on demand. Whatever your logistical goals are in the Northeast, chances are pretty good we can help you meet them.

So please, call us now at 978-682-4000 X 205 to request information, and to get a price quote. You can also send us off an email to Hello@XoLogistic.com, and we’d be happy to start answering your questions that way.